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Georgia was one of the first countries officially adopt the Christianity (327AD). A long tradition of religious tolerance unites people instead of dividing them.


There is no better way to feel the inimitable atmosphere of Georgia’s history than in its churches. The walls are usually covered in fresco  and resound  the sounds of traditional polyphonic liturgical singing.


According to Georgian hagiography, in the 1st century AD a Georgian Jew from Mtskheta named Elias was in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified. Elias bought Jesus’ robe from a Roman soldier at Golgotha and brought it back to Georgia. Returning to his native city, he was met by his sister, who upon touching the robe immediately died from the emotions engendered by the sacred object. The robe could not be removed from her grasp, so she was buried with it. The place where she is buried with Christ's robe is preserved in the Cathedral Svetitskhoveli.