The Jewish community is one of the oldest in Georgia, a Jew arrived in Georgia in 586 BC. After the destruction of Jerusalem Nebuchadnezzar, And Georgia is one of the few countries where has never been anti-Semitism.


Jews were so integrated into Georgian society that they spoke only Georgian, wore Georgian surnames (mostly end with "shvili"), and have dressed in Georgian traditional clothes

The royal dynasty of Georgia - Bagrationi was proud to have kept her lineage directly from King David.

We will try to follow in the footsteps of Georgian Jews, visit the places of their settlement, and on the way we will get acquainted with Georgian culture and nature.


Day 1 arrival in Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi, Transfer to hotel. Rest


Day 2 – City tour in Tbilisi

Discovering Tbilisi - 1500 years old city , with his historical, religious and architectural diversity.

  • Visit the Synagogue and the Museum of History and Ethnography of Georgian Jews and Georgian Jewish relations, (the museum contains not only religious objects, but also everyday life, clothes, paintings of Georgian Jews) .
  • Mtskheta – Ancient capital of Georgia, a place where a Jew arrived 2600 years ago!


Overnight in Tbilisi


Day 3 - Stepantsminda

(It is considered that this was the road that a Jew from Georgia settled throughout the Caucasus)


  • On the Georgian military road we will go to Stepantsminda, one the way we see the Ananuri Fortress (XVI century) and the Zhinvali reservoir, the Gudauri ski resort, the cross pass (2379 m. a. s. and the fabulous church of Gergeti, at the foot of Kazbek mountain
  • tracking to the waterfall Gveleti, and mineral lake Abano,

Overnight in Stepantsminda


Day 4 – trip to Akhaltsikhe

  • On the way visit oldest settlement in the territory of Georgia - Uplistsikhe, a 4,000 years old city in the rocks,
  • Borjomi gorge and the famous source of mineral water - Borjomi.
  • Akhaltsikhe, a city in the southern part of Georgia, a region where a Jew has lived since the ancient period. Visit the Rabati fortress and the synagogue, which was built in 1863

Overnight in Akhaltsikhe


Day 5 – trip to Vardzia


  • trip to Vardzia - to a city in the rocks, (12th century) and Khertvisi fortress

Overnight in Akhaltsikhe


Day 6 trip to Western Georgia

Kutaisi, the ancient capital of western Georgia. (The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union began from Kutaisi) In Kutaisi,


  • Visit the Jewish district, the synagogue. We will see two monuments to local Jews, and know why city set a monument to them.
  • Visit the famous Jewish village of Kulashi, and the Museum of Friendship of the Georgian and Jewish People

Overnight in Kutaisi


Day 7 Natural caves and canyons of West Georgia


Day of nature, we will meet wild nature, miracle caves and amazing canyons


  • National park of Sataplia and Sataplia Cave, famous for fine speleothems and the dinosaur footprints.
  • The cave of Prometheus - is one of the richest caves in the world with its unique minerals and different types of materials and places.
  • Martvili Canyon - enjoy the scenery, waterfalls and take a boat trip in the river with deep green color.

Overnight Kutaisi


Day 8- Drive to Racha - Lechkhumi


On the way we see

  • Shaori lake, Nikortsminda church
  • Visit the famous Synagogue in Oni

Overnight in Oni


Day 9- Lailashi - One of the oldest Jewish village, famous for it’s Lailash bible (X c)

  • in Lailashi, where the famous Lailash Bible was found (a unique parchment in Jewish language of the X century)
  • Lailashi Synagogue, Jewish jewish cemetery
  • And Open pool in Lailashi,

Overnight in Ambrolauri


Day 10 - Batumi


The pearl of the Black Sea, the famous boulevard, Dolphinarium, dancing fountains. Romanian Fortresses and Botanical Gardens

  • Visit the Synagogue in Batumi,

Overnight in Batumi


Day 11 - mountainous Ajaria


  • Trip to Makhuntsela, Visit Makhuntseti waterfall


Day 12 Departure from Batumi




After the destruction of Jerusalem Nebuchadnezzar,

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